About Us

July, 2014


We are happy to move with our first 150+ customers

June, 2014


We thought to move into a new brand name, wetalktrade.com. Only the name gets changed, but we are the same

February, 2014


We were seriously tested our signals with several Real-Time tests

December, 2013


We planned to launch our Premium Service and started working with that

July, 2013


We got donation enquiries from many of our potential Free Signal Followers. Many thanks for the people who are interested with us, but still we don’t want to go for anything, unless we are sure with something

April, 2013


People started asking for Premium Signals. More than 100s of people requested for our Premium Service, but we are not ready to make money at that time as we need time to make our product more stable

February, 2013

Zoom In

We continued our research, and our followers started increasing. Mean while we continued trading very seriously with the team

November, 2012


We are moving well by giving Free Signal Service to our potential followers

August, 2012


We started our Free Forex Signals page, Real Forex Signals

February – December, 2011

hour glass

We are under research all the time and collecting new data. We are using Dukascopy data for manual backtesting

February, 2011

Space Shuttle

We came up with something which worked :)

November, 2010


We started learning more mathematics to build our own system :)

March, 2010


We came up with a lot of new views and ideas. We started making our own strategies

December, 2009

book shelf

We came to a solution that there is nothing technically accurate in a normal approach but still our team is under research

August, 2009


We had almost backtested manually about all the Basic Technical indicators available

May, 2009

Magnify Glass

We started researching with strategies

The beginning of our Journey to

Trading Market products