Lifetime Access To Pipbreaker Indicator & Trade Close Manager EA

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The most basic and necessary fact in Trading is to decide when to enter the market and when to exit it. Well, that’s the hardest thing too. However, the combo of this 2 great tools can help you make your trading just mind blowing. The lifetime access to these cool trading tools ends soon.

Using the complete capabilities of both these trading tools, You can just make your most accurate trade entry into the forex market and the crystal clear exit out of it with much ease.

Lifetime Access to Best Trading Combo (Pipbreaker + Trade Close Manager)

The traders who bought this deal weren’t JUST pumped about what these tools could do, but also the sweet price and customer service that came along with it:

The inside look you get into these tools working strategies will help you learn what actually works for you so that you can make your very own trade analysis.

Using the true power of Pipbreaker & Trade Close Manager, you’ll be able to gain complete over all your trades very easily and can make better trading decisions.

Got Confused! Buy or Sell? No problem! Pipbreaker is a right choice.

  • Have no idea about market analysis? No worries, Pipbreaker tells you when exactly to enter a trade more accurately.
  • Whatever, trading style is not a concern or matter. Pipbreaker has got three trading modes (Scalping, Short Term Trading & Long Term Trading) that meets your needs.
  • Not sure where to place your Stop Loss for trades, Just choose your risk ratio and Pipbreaker will give you the exit value. Prefer to use your own Stop Loss value. Well, go-ahead and choose manual stop loss.
  • Make a better market analysis based on the Trade Session Indications and enter a trade only during the best market conditions. Also, You can now easily predict the movement of the market in different important trading sessions and gain an overall knowledge of the market.

Not the pips! Not the price! In Trading – The Major fact is “Timing”!

Well, now you can leave all your worries about the perfect timing as Trade Close Manager is here now.

Do you want to close all your trades in just one-click? Yep! You can do it with much ease using Trade Close Manager EA.

Are you an Intra-day trade who starts your new day with fresh trades? We do have an option for you ‘End of Day Close’ – automatically closes all your trades at the day’s end.

Just want to exit a particular trade before a news event? No worries! We got your back. Just set the ‘Trade Expiry Date’ and time and the EA will care the rest.

And a ton more!

I’m sure by now you can see how valuable it is to have all of your Trading needs met with just one perfect tool.

Usually, Trade Close Manager costs $489 for the Lifetime License and Pipbreaker Indicator costs $250 (Well worth it if you ask me.)

But thankfully, the Gods are smiling down upon us today (“Hi up there!”).

Today, our users can get a lifetime access to Pipbreaker Indicator & Trade Close Manager EA for a single payment of only $329!

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Lifetime License for Pipbreaker & Trade Close Manager Now!

  • Make more accurate trades using Pipbreaker’s precise entry.
  • Make perfect trade exits using the Trade Close Manager EA.
  • Analyze, Learn and Implement your strategies during the best trading session.
  • Set-up EA to handle the automatic close of all your trades.
  • Lifetime regular free updates on all new versions.
  • One-time payment and no other hidden charges.


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$329 $739