The Trading Mindset: Frustration Leads To Learning

wetalktrade - trading mindset

wetalktrade – trading mindset

Frustration indeed leads to learning. I was watching an interview of a professional athlete very intently. He was talking about playing against one of the best teams in their league. Instead of being intimidated by the prospect of playing such a highly dominant team, the team said to themselves

“These are the games you really look for. They force you to test yourself, to find out what you are doing well, and what you need to work on.”

If there is a mindset or quality I’d like every trader to acquire, it would be what the athlete conveyed. They looked forward the challenge they were up against.

They weren’t worried so much about making mistakes or about not being able to handle the more dominant team.

If they couldn’t, it means they had things to work on.

Frustration Leads to Learning

Developing traders need to adapt this mindset. Losses happen. You are frustrated at times. The market behaves like that. This experience might last for hours, days, weeks or even for months.


wetalktrade -Frustration Leads

wetalktrade -Frustration Leads

How you respond to each and every trade matters more than you would have imagined.
If you as a trader are going through or have recently gone through a frustrating period – you have to let that ‘feeling’ of frustration be temporary. It is ok to experience stress in trading, but it is not constructive to last it longer and define yourself by your frustration.

Frustration must lead to learning and not to fear.

Viewing any losses, mistakes or frustrations as learning experiences is a better approach. You should actively expect and face the challenges inherent in the markets.

Approaching every single trade as a learning experience will help you see the bigger picture and build confidence in your trading.

Opportunities to Learn

Each trade and moment behind the charts is an opportunity to learn.

Are you really trading like a sniper or just sitting on your hands waiting for some perfect setup? Are you trading to be right or are you actively focusing on improving your skills? Are you working to accelerate your learning curve or are you letting your emotions define your experience?

Frustration must lead to learning – in fact all trades must lead to learning. You win, lose or learn from each trade.  Winning or losing could not be controlled fully but learning could be. And which do you think leads your development as a trader?

The best athletes, professionals, and successful traders learn from experience and maximize every chance to learn. This is part of building a successful mindset which is essential and required for trading successfully.


wetalktrade - Learn Trade

wetalktrade – Learn Trade

Ask yourself how your trading experience and mindset differ? Do you look forward to the challenges and the frustrating moments and learning from each? How these experiences change your daily approach and thoughts when engaging the markets each day?

Have you found that which part of the above suggestions you have to work on?  And What do you think about yourself after reading this article?

Please make sure to comment, share your current experiences and your thoughts about these suggestions. If you want to infuse confidence in your trading, kindly go through our article Building Your Confidence In Trading