Do you offer any Money Back Guarantee or Refund Policy?

We’re really sorry, but we do not offer or entertain any form of refunds for all our products and services. As we have faced up with a lot of issues which claims to be a fraudulent refund after usage of the service of product over a particular period of time.

We have clearly mentioned already that we do not offer a trial of our product and service. Without a proper reason after improper usage of the tools and loosing their money over the market they just claim a refund. We have already recommended to test with any new product or tools in a demo, before you use it in live.

Premium Signals

In case of Premium Signals, although we already offer a Completely free signal service without any limitations for the whole life time. You can test this Free signal in your demo and live accounts for as long as you want and you won’t be charged any for this service.

Once you’re decided to go Premium, you can get your paid Premium Subscription. You can cancel your subscription any time you wish without any additional costs. However, the already paid credit will be lost and will not be refunded. You will not be charged again once you have successfully unsubscribed from the service.

Also, the auto-subscription charges will be made on the monthly cycle basis on your renewal date. So, make sure to send your cancel request before 24 hours prior to your subscription. Failure from your side to submit a cancel request prior to your renewal will not be entertained for a claim as it’s been clearly stated in our Refund Policy.

Pipbreaker Indicator

To be very clear Pipbreaker is a one-time, payable product which comes along with lifetime support and updates. Also, the license, which we do offer for Pipbreaker Indicator cannot be deactivated or deleted or reused once it’s issued. Considering this as an added advantage many users just claim for a refund and continue to misuse it.

We strictly do not entertain any kind of refund, Partially or fully for the Pipbreaker Indicator based on these aspects. Certainly, you can get a complete support from our technical expert’s. Who can resolve your queries and usage issue if any!

Note: Forex Trading always involves its own risk, one trades over the Forex at his very own risk and losing everything due to improper handling of market conditions or just not sure of how to use a tool cannot be claimed for a refund as it purely involves your willingness.

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