How do the subscription works? Is it on Auto-Renewal?

The subscription works much simpler, Just you can subscribe to the service from within the Web App or Mobile App. Once you’ve subscribed to the Premium Signals, you will be placed in an Auto-Renewal plan. Upon renewal of your account on a monthly cycle, you will be charged automatically.

If you wish to cancel your subscription and don’t want to be charged again for renewal. Just make sure to send your Subscription Cancel Request through mail to [email protected] before 24 hours to 48 hours of your next renewal date. Failing to unsubscribe beforehand will result in renewal charges which is Non-Refundable.

Now you can easily manage all your subscriptions under “My Subscription” in our Web App and Android App. If you do use the signals on your iPhone via our iOS App, then you need to cancel your renewal charges under “Apple Pay”. If you still got any questions, please do reach us through our website Live Chat or mail to us at [email protected].

Our Forex Signals App is Available as Web App, Android App and IOS App, Just Intall to stay updated about the Forex Market updates.

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