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Watch The Impact Of Trading Sessions in Live Action.

The problem that most new traders make is that they tend to skip the basic information and head straight into which strategies they can use to make profits. You are probably thinking why market sessions are so important if the markets are open 24 hours a day? While you are 100% correct, it is important to know that the market activity varies tremendously throughout the different sessions of the day. The best time to trade will depend on which trading strategy you use and your outcome depends on it.


Receive indications on trading sessions and know session overlappings. Analyse the impact and decide your strategy.


The Impact of Trading Sessions

We’re damn sure you would have never noticed the real impact of the trading sessions on your trades.

session indicator
Do you know the fact that it really affects the outcome of your trades?

Understanding the right time to trade will have a huge effect on your trading profitability. The MT4 Session Indicator will help you do so by showing you the impact at the beginning and at the end of a trading session and its trend changes.


The Market Sessions Overlapping

Whenever a new trading session begins or an active trade session ends there will be a drastic movement recorded in the market, which is almost left unnoticed. During the overlapping of two trading sessions, traders of different Geo-locations enter the market at the same time.


Market Sessions Overlapping

Market Condition

The market becomes more volatile during these session overlaps and there can be a trend change or a new trend origins.

Caution For Traders

Retail traders need to be more conscious about this and trade carefully during this time as it can be both profitable or total loss.

What’s The Benefit of Using MT4 Session Indicator?

  • Easily Figure Out The Impact of the Sessions
  • Active Trade Session Markings on Chart
  • Info About Session Open, High, Low & Close
  • Average Pip Movement During Sessions

99% Traders Have Missed Noticing This!

Market Condition

There used to be a trend change or a great movement of the corresponding currency pairs during a session open and end.

Caution For Traders

These trend changes are usually left unnoticed and needs to be handled more precisely as you can earn a lot during this movement.

Trend Changes
The most crucial thing for a trader that is often left unnoticed is the ‘Trading Sessions’ which is the very basic thing a trader needs to be aware of before he can make a better analysis of the market. Since the Forex market is active 24 hours a day, there are certain intervals where a session starts or ends.


A Must Have Trading Utility By Every Trader

The ‘MT4 Session Indicator’ is a must-have tool for every trader
and a very basic thing which he needs to understand.

Why has MT4 not offered it as one among the default indicators?

We really had this thought at first that it should have been offered as a default one. However, as it’s not available over there in MT4, you can just download your copy of MT4 Session Indicator for free now.


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Major Sessions

Major Sessions

Session Timer

Session Timer

average pips

Average Pips

extensive info

Extensive Info

Reviews from our recent customers

Some of the customers who are using this indicator have shared their feedbacks.

I was unconvinced during takeoff and not sure if it’s really gonna work out for me. But considering its performance! I would say, must tool to go with..
Dennis Hamilton, Australia
Good one, I will rate it 4 out of 5. It works as it is advertised.
Linda Collins, United States
Trading Sessions are important based on which we opt to select the currency pairs if the market movements are conducive. Knowing about the sessions is good to go ahead with the trades and this indicator really helps well.
Tyrone Hudson, Belgium
This is a handy tool for showing various Forex sessions. I recommend this indicator to every Forex trader.
Alicia Moore, United Kingdom
For me, the overlapping of sessions is an important market moment which should not be missed by a trader. This indicator comes in handy for me. I recommend it.
Mohamed El Jouzou, Lebanon
This is something that I really needed. I was searching for something like this for a while, thanks.
Neal Middleton, Brazil
This is really useful. But I suggest you add some more features
Samantha James, United States
I am quite satisfied but I am expecting more features in the upcoming updates. The display is cool!
Tania Reid, South Africa
Initially, I’m unaware of the importance of the trading sessions and thought Forex only as a 24-hour market. Lately, I searched for a session Indicator and came across yours. The Indicator is a good one and it really helps me in my trades.
Huyen Le Duy, United Kingdom