Which news releases are the safest to trade?

The non-farm payroll is the well monitored safest news release to trade. Although the ECB news and FOMC(Federal open market committee) is the time to bet the most expectable news releases for safest to trade.

wetalktrade-ECB draghi

In FOMC news the Ben Bernanke speeches towards the right time to trade when the market movement is in the safest trade gives us the right choice to trade.

His speeches give the correct decision among the right time to trade and the market go crazy when his speeches are released.

The news releases market is focused on the inflation,CPI(Consumer price index),PPI(Producer price index) and Unemployment(NFP).The safest trade is not to trade the news releases at all time.Consider the news releases when the NFP (Non-farm payroll),ECB news,FOMC news are released.


This important news gives the safest trade in forex.

For example if the U.S.growth is currently on the watch, unemployment rate,retail sales,housing numbers and other growth related events will be important to look at.